Alex Abraham

Alex Abraham

Applied Statistician

I answer business questions with data.

As a private sector analyst, I have:

  • estimated relative price elasticities
  • coded model backtesting for multiple problem domains
    • loan repayment
    • home prices
  • automated workflows for production model monitoring

At the Federal Reserve, I:

  • coded backtests of job growth forecasting models
  • analyzed firm-level information from internal and external databases
  • delivered project presentations and published reports available online

As I’ve learned about statistical methods in the office, I also studied them through Texas A&M. I previously studied economics at Purdue.


  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Forecasting and Prediction
  • Analytics Engineering


  • MS in Statistics, 2021

    Texas A&M University

  • BS in Economics, 2016

    Purdue University


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